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Rakesh Yadav Reasoning 7300 Book PDF Class Notes : Hy, Friends आज हम आपके लिए Rakesh Yadav की Reasoning Book का Pdf लेकर आये हैं , यहाँ पर हम आपको Provide करा रहे हैं Chapter Wise और Full Book Download : rakesh yadav 7300 Reasoning book pdf

Rakesh Yadav 7300 Reasoning Book In Hindi

  1. Repeated Series (श्रंखला पुनरावर्ती)
  2. Analogy (सद्र्श्यता)
  3. Venn-Diagram (वेन आरेख)
  4. Blood-Relation (रक्त – सम्बन्ध)
  5. Logical Arrangement of Words
  6. Coding Decoding (सांकेतिक भाषा)
  7. Sitting Arrangement (बैठक वयवस्थाक्रम)
  8. Ranking Arrangement (पद वयवस्थाक्रम)
  9. Dice (पंसा)
  10. Cubes and Cuboid (घन और घनाभ)
  11. Calendar (कैलंडर)
  12. Number Series (श्रंखला श्रेणी)
  13. Coded Equation (सांकेतिक समीकरण)
  14. Direction Test (दिशा परिक्षण)
  15. Clock (घडी)
  16. Counting Of Figures (आकृतियों की गढ़ना)
  17. Problems Based on Alphabet (वर्णमाला पर आधारित समस्याए)
  18. Sequence-test (क्रम्बधुती)
  19. Syllogism (Statement and Conclusion (न्याय निगम)
  20. Mirror Image (दर्पण प्रतिबिम्ब)
  21. Water Image (जल प्रतिबिम्ब)

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Rakesh Yadav Reasoning Book PDF Download

Friends, all of you people are preparing for some competitive exams. So today we are going to share Rakesh Yadav Sir’s Reasoning Book PDF for you. This book will help you in preparing for any competitive exams. Especially the Railway Group “D”, SSC, Bank etc.

Rakesh Yadav 7300 Reasoning Book PDF In Hindi Full Book : 

Rakesh Yadav Reasoning Chapterwise 7300+ Book Pdf



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